The fundamental step to scaling talent acquisition

High-growth ventures need to hire and retain top talent, but will need to compete beyond compensation as you hire. Building and promoting a winning Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the fundamental first step. 


What is an EVP?

An EVP is what makes people want to work at your company, and why they love to keep working there.

An EVP allows you to:

  • Clearly identify and articulate what makes your company stand out

  • Market yourself as an employer just like you market your products

  • Give your employees the tools and talking points to be your recruiting ambassadors

  • Better attract, hire, retain top talent

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Creating your EVP

This essential 4-step framework is your roadmap to creating a winning EVP. For each step in the roadmap, this toolkit provides practical tools you can use. 

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1. Design

Gain inputs from your entire team to define and articulate the core values for why your company is a great place to work. Make sure you are living up to your values by identifying current programs and benefits that exist for each core value, and brainstorm new ones. 

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2. Build

Allocate time and resources to building new programs and benefits so you live up to your values as a top employer. Develop internal and external communication plans to bring your EVP to life. 

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3. Launch

It's showtime: launch your new EVP by beginning the new programs you've built, launching your internal & external communication plans, and integrating your EVP into your recruiting process. 


4. Live

As you continue to live out your EVP, it is important to keep your EVP alive and dynamic. Get regular feedback from your team to see how you can build upon and improve your EVP. 

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